eLearning workshops

Workshops run and staff attendances

Practical, hands-on workshops in teaching and learning technologies are offered through Staff Development to help staff prepare their courses each semester. This year to date, 91 staff workshops have been run, with a total of 923 staff attendances. Since 2012, there has been a total of 6,643 staff workshop attendances.

Worshops run

Workshop attendances

Online workshop completions

Workshop Number of completions
Learn.UQ Basics 15
Learn.UQ Quizzes, Tests and Exams 17
Virtual Classroom (Zoom) 107
Desktop Recording (Kaltura Capture) 10
Video Assignment 2
Total 151

eLearning guides

Guide updates

The following table displays the number of staff and student guides that have been created, updated and removed this year to date.

Guides Created Guides Updated Guides Removed



Total = 303
(23 student guides + 280 staff guides)

Top 10 eLearning guides

The following list includes the 10 most viewed eLearning guides this month:

  1. Virtual Classroom (Zoom) FAQ
  2. Tips for Using Zoom for Teaching
  3. Reactions in a Zoom meeting
  4. Create a Grade Schema (1-7 grades)
  5. Recommended Settings for Using Zoom for Teaching
  6. Virtual Classroom Teaching and Learning Tips
  7. Virtual Classroom using Zoom
  8. Polling in a Zoom meeting
  9. Tests and Pools
  10. Delete Threads and Edit/Delete Replies

Total webpage views this month = 55,395

eLearning Solutions Service

The eLearning Solutions Service is designed to help staff implement the UQ eLearning tools that most successfully solve common teaching and learning problems. The eLearning Solutions Service to date in 2020 has catered for 194 Course Coordinators teaching into 223 courses and servicing a total of 32,106 student experiences across the university. The top three most common individual tools implemented are Online marking / submission, Virtual Classroom - Zoom and Online quiz / exam respectively.

Individual tools Times implemented Students benefitted
Active learning tool 9 1785
Collaboration / reflection tool 12 2301
eLearning refresher 19 4683
ePortfolio WIL - Chalk & Wire 12 733
Grade Centre 41 5872
Group management 14 2214
Group Peer Assessment 6 2400
edX (Edge) 5 756
Online marking / submission 63 9861
Online mini lecture 22 2624
Online quiz / exam 59 12106
Self Peer Assessment Tool 0 0
Course Insights 4 836
Video assignment 13 2025
Video content - Kaltura 9 1081
Video - Adobe Premiere Pro 1 159
Virtual classroom - Zoom 60 11052
Other 2 297

ePortfolio usage

Usage in April

Usage this year to date

Assessments: 2379 9257
Files Uploaded: 3817 10874


Courses/programs deployed in Semester 1, 2020

Courses/programs under development

Courses/programs completing their deployment review
(this includes any updates/changes to assessment tasks and required maintenance)

HaBS Student Mentor and Leader Programs Master of Pharmaceutical Industry Practice  

eLearning Support - Requests and Trends

Chart of Support Request Categories from April 2018 to April 2020

Download Support Request Categories-202004.csv

The number of jobs for April 2020 increased by 58.6% when compared to April 2019 and increased by 55.4% when compared to April 2018 and is identical to those of March 2020.

Course Management jobs for April 2020 increased by 58.6% when compared with April 2019 and increased by 68.8% when compared with April 2018 and increased by 64.2% when compared with March 2020.

Tools & Other jobs for April 2020 increased by 58.5% when compared with April 2019 and increased by 47.5% when compared with April 2018 yet decreased by 27.6% when compared with March 2020.

The distribution of jobs were mainly in favour of Tools & Other (62.75%) with Course Management (37.25%).


There were eighteen Urgent jobs during April 2020. A breakdown of the Urgent jobs are as follows.
two of Blackboard Grade Centre, seven of Blackboard Tests, two of Kaltura, six of Turnitin, one of Zoom.

All Urgent requests were responded to within an hour.