eLearning Training Attendances

Practical, hands-on eLearning workshops are offered through Staff Professional Development to help staff prepare their courses each semester. Staff attendances at workshops for January - June 2016 total 440 participants.

Workshop Attendances

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eLearning Solutions Service

The eLearning Solutions Service is designed to help staff implement the UQ eLearning tools that most successfully solve common teaching and learning problems. The eLearning Solutions Service to date in 2016 has catered for 89 Course Coordinators teaching into 109 courses and servicing a total of 16,555 student experiences across the university. The top 3 most common individual tools implemented are online marking/submission, in-class active learning tools and group peer assessment respectively.

Change Management

During Semester 1 TLS is presenting on eLearning tool updates to faculty Teaching and Learning committees. The presentations highlight the new functionality available in the Turnitin Feedback Studio, the updated Group Peer Assessment tool and the new quizzes feature in Kaltura, UQ's video server. So far TLS has presented to five meetings attended by 85 staff.

eLearning Helpdesk - Support Requests and Trends

Chart of Support Requests

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The number of jobs for June 2016 increased by 12.6% when compared to June 2015 yet increased by 29.2% when compared to June 2014 yet increased by 11% when compared to May 2016.

Course Management jobs for June 2016 increased by 21.6% when compared with June 2015 and increased by 38.2% when compared with June 2014 and increased by 24.5% when compared with May 2016.

Tools & Other jobs for June 2016 decreased by 4.4% when compared with June 2015 yet increased by 12% when compared with June 2014 yet decreased by 12.7% when compared with May 2016.

The distribution of jobs were mostly through Course Management (65.52%) with Tools & Other (34.48%).


There were five Urgent jobs during the month of June 2016. A breakdown of the Urgent jobs are as follows: Bb Content (1), Bb Grading (1), Bb User Management (1), Turnitin (2). All Urgent requests were responded to within an hour.