eLearning Systems and Support (the eLearning team) provides a range of professional development workshops and resources to support teaching staff implement technology-enhanced learning using the University's eLearning systems in their courses. This includes central workshops run through Workday, school-based custom workshops, self-paced online workshops, individual support for course coordinators, self-help text-based guides and self-help video resources. Guides are also produced for students on the University's eLearning systems and are hosted on the library website.

The Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation (ITaLI) also provides pedagogical support for eLearning to the academic and instructor community at UQ.

The Library AskUS service provides support and training in using eLearning tools to students.

eLearning Central Workshops

A range of practical workshops delivered face-to-face and via Zoom on using eLearning tools is offered throughout the year. A current list of workshop resources and information can be found on the Workshops webpage, while a list of upcoming workshops can be found on the ITaLI Events webpage.

eLearning Custom Workshops

Custom workshops on centrally supported eLearning tools are available on request for faculties/schools and are delivered face-to-face or via Zoom. Email elearningadvisers@uq.edu.au with the subject line Custom Workshop to schedule one of our elearning workshops at a convenient time.

eLearning Self-paced Online Workshops

eLearning self-paced online workshops are available on the following tools: Learn.UQ Basics, Learn.UQ Quizzes, Tests and Exams, TurnitinVirtual Classroom (Zoom), Desktop recording (Kaltura) and edX (Edge).

eLearning Solutions Service

The eLearning Advisers team supports course teaching staff in implementing eLearning solutions for the most common teaching and learning challenges, using centrally supported eLearning tools. Staff can nominate for the eLearning Solutions Service by visiting the eLearning Advisers booking webpage to organise a personal consultation with an eLearning Adviser via Zoom.

Staff eLearning guides

Guides are provided to help staff implement centrally supported eLearning tools. Tool guides include eLearning produced UQ context guides, curations of vendor guides and, where appropriate, links to UQ ITS guides. To request a guide update or new guide please email elearningadvisers@uq.edu.au.

Student eLearning guides

The eLearning team provides 'how to' guides for students on UQ centrally supported  eLearning tools that are hosted on the UQ Library website. To request a guide update or new guide please email elearningadvisers@uq.edu.au

Teaching and eLearning News newsletter

Teaching and eLearning News fortnightly newsletter is produced and distributed via email to all staff enrolled in a Blackboard course. The newsletter includes articles on teaching and eLearning, tips for the start and end of the semester, promotion of new tools, tool functionality and use of technology to improve teaching and learning. Non-teaching staff, who would like to subscribe to the newsletter, should email help@elearning.uq.edu.au with the subject line eLearning newsletter subscription.

Change Management Presentations

The eLearning team in collaboration with ITaLI staff jointly deliver presentations on eLearning tool updates, projects and teaching and learning initiatives.  Email elearningadvisers@uq.edu.au with the subject line eLearning Presentation request a presentation on a central eLearning tool or initiative.

Online Professional Development Courses

The eLearning team provides support to staff throughout the process of publishing new Online Professional Development courses. For more information, refer to the Online Professional Development Courses webpage.