1. Introduction

This self-paced, online workshop has been designed to provide you with a structured programme to develop your knowledge, skills and confidence in using Zoom (UQ's virtual classroom/meeting system) to facilitate tutorials, seminars and lectures online.

Topics should be completed in sequence as the course has been designed to build on knowledge and skills gained in the previous topics. Some of the sections contain activities for you to complete, either by yourself, or with a colleague and are designed to build familiarity with Zoom. 

The process

  1. Read the instructions and watch the videos
  2. Complete the assessment task at the end.
  3. Upon completion, forward the email you will receive from AARnet Cloud storage with your recording details to elearningadvisors@uq.edu.au. Your Zoom recording will be assessed and course completion will be recorded through Staff Development.

Required resources

  1. Time: Schedule approximately 1.5 hours to complete this online course, however if you are familiar with Zoom, then you may complete it in less time.
  2. Technological resources: A computer preferably with earphones for listening to the videos and a microphone for recording audio.
  3. Staging course (optional): If you do not have a Learn.UQ course, optionally request a staging course on our testing server.