1. Introduction

This video provides you with an overview of the Inspera platform and its five modules or pages.

Video Guide

Introduction to Inspera (YouTube 1m 55s)

This self-paced, online workshop will help develop your knowledge and skills in:

  • marking student submissions in Inspera (as grader), and
  • managing the marking of your test (as planner)

You will learn the workshop content in both the Planner and Grade roles!

If you only have a grader role in an Inspera assessment, your experience will be covered from Steps 9 - 17.

The workshop should be completed in sequence as the course is designed to build on knowledge and skills gained in each step. 

The process

Before starting this course:

  1. Submit the Request Form.
  2. Wait to receive a confirmation email that you have been added to the Inspera Training One.
  3. Watch the videos in the workshop and complete the tasks in Inspera Training One.
  4. Upon completion, please reply to your email thread to elearningadvisers@uq.edu.au when you ordered the course. We will assess your work, provide you with additional assistance if required, and record course completion through Staff Development.

Required resources

  1. Time: Schedule approximately 3 hours to complete this online course. You can also complete the workshop over an extended period and resume where you last stopped.
  2. Technological resources: A computer preferably with 2 screens and earphones for listening to the videos.
  3. Online resources: A collection of images and documents are required for some activities. These will be available to download on the required pages.