The eLearning Systems and Support team is responsible for the management of the University's central eLearning services including:

  • management of eLearning systems - including contract management, integration, hosting, maintenance, and upgrades;
  • provision of staff support for eLearning systems;
  • chairing the eLearning Operational Forum, which brings the various eLearning service providers together for the purpose of coordinating support activities (ITS, Library, Faculty educational designers, ITaLI);
  • provision of scheduled and custom staff training in the use of our central eLearning systems;
  • provision of personal support for central elearning technology adoption;
  • operational reporting to the PVC (Teaching and Learning), the CIO and the eLearning Operational Forum 
  • evaluation and adoption of new core eLearning technologies as directed by the PVC(T&L).


eLearning related policies can be found under Teaching and Learning in the UQ Policy and Procedures Library 3.80  eLearning.


The eLearning Systems and Support team prioritises our eLearning service provision to maximise benefit to the University:

  1. Our highest priority is to maintain robust and reliable integrated core eLearning systems in line with the requirements of the eLearning SLA. Maintenance and upgrades always take precedence. 
  2. Operational-level improvements to our existing core eLearning systems are initiated to improve students’ learning outcomes or to improve administrative efficiency. These are small faculty endorsed modifications which can be achieved with exiting SLA resources.  Priority is given to initiatives that have broad impact and are in line with the needs of instructors. 
  3. More significant strategic enhancements to University’s eLearning systems are undertaken through our eLearning Service Enhancement Program, as guided by: the Teaching and Learning Committee, the Pro Vice Chancellor (Teaching and Learning), Associate Deans Academic (ADA), the Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic (DVCA), and the eLearning Operational Forum (ELOF).

Refer to the overview on how we prioritise staff requests for services, their provision and future development.

All UQ staff can contact us with their enquiries about elearning technologies and to request our assistance with services provided.

Learning technologies are a cornerstone of the modern student experience, driving significant changes in higher education. Increasingly the blend of online and in class learning tools are a signature part of the value proposition for a university. New learning technologies are rapidly emerging to enhance learning outcomes, improve efficiency and improve the student experience.