Here is an overview of how eLearning Systems and Support team prioritise eLearning technology service provision in-line with the requirements of the eLearning Service Level Agreement (SLA):

Ongoing maintenance and upgrades of our core eLearning systems

Maintaining robust and reliable core eLearning systems is our highest priority, as well as providing the end-user support. Maintenance and upgrade activities will always take precedence as they are a very significant part of the back-end workloads and are essential as vendors only support relatively recent versions of their software. 

Examples of large intensive projects are:

  • Exadata database migration
  • Course archiving project

Operational-level improvements to existing eLearning systems

These enhancements are initiated to improve learning outcomes or administrative efficiencies.

These are small, faculty endorsed modifications that can be achieved with existing SLA resources. Priority is given to initiatives which have a high impact in-line with the needs of instructors. 

For instance, an enhancement that required 1 week of work, but saved an hour for all 3,000 UQ courses would generally take priority over a 1 week modification that saved 10 hours on a single course.

Maintaining a relatively vanilla system allows the university to upgrade more regularly, thereby providing more rapid functionality improvement. Customisations are also done when appropriate.

Examples include:

  • Large groups manipulation tool
  • ‘Become-student’ tool so lecturers can see what the student would see.
  • External user tool – to enrol guest lecturers/students
  • Grade Centre to SI-net integration export tool
  • The student response tool – UQpoll
  • Student video submission capability

Significant strategic service enhancements

Significant strategic service enhancements are guided by the Digital Learning Sub-Committee, Teaching and Learning Committee, Associate Deans Academic (ADA), the Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic (DVCA), and the eLearning Operational Forum (ELOF).

Each year the eLearning Systems and Support team submits the list of strategic requests to the ADAs for prioritisation, and use this to consult with other units, exploring and developing relevant solutions.

See the list of our current projects.