Introducing new technology to UQ's virtual learning environment often requires a balance between innovation and compliance. Software acquisition for example requires compliance with the ICT procurement process. New elearning system proposals will initially go to the Deputy Director of Digital Learning (DDDL) as a brief, and come under the review of the Digital Learning Sub Committee. Process support is available from the following teams.

  • The eLearning Systems and Support team can provide advice on existing elearning solutions and development of a brief for the DDDL.
  • ICT Procurement can provide support with the process for engaging with vendors, ensuring identification of non-functional requirements and compliance with UQ procurement procedures. 

In most cases a proposal or business case will need to submitted to the IT Project Approval Board (PAB) to ensure adequate consideration of the technical, project delivery and solution lifecycle requirements involved. While the process appears to be sequential, paralell collaboration and consultation should result in a better outcome.

Information on initiating, planning and delivering IT projects, which includes implementation of any new solution, is available in the IT project management at UQ webpage.

Introducting new teaching and learning technologies flowchart