ITS will support research using learning system data wherever possible. There are a number of data sources available, as listed below. If the data is readily available ITS will provide it, and if it requires significant effort to generate we will quote for your research project budget.

LMS Service Data

ITS closely monitors the central eLearning services for performance, availability and capacity management purposes. A range of reports are available covering logins per day or hour, tool use by faculty, and even video plays. A range of public service management reports are available on the Usage Statistics page.

Service Management Data

The Teaching and Learning Support team can generate all of the reports shown on the Usage Statistics page. for different date ranges.  Via the Kaltura administration console we can provide data to instructors on which students have viewed each video and when. Turnitin has data analytics on their product development roadmap.

LMS Click Data

The Online Technologies team in ITS team stores logs of ‘click data’ to assist with problem diagnosis. For research purposes a deidentified version of this data may also be used to investigate student click sequences and usage patterns.

Blackboard Analytics

ITS is planning to build course analytics report system based on an Elastic Data Lake (ELK), which collects eLearning data from a variety of central systems, and serves a variety of stakeholders including: course coordinators; faculty based developers (e.g. ELIPSE); the ITaLI analytics team; researchers; and other service providers (e.g. Student Services). A beta version of ELK is up and running and in use by EAITs ELIPSE centre. We would be interested to receive any feedback from staff regarding the data that has been most useful while using Blackboard Analytics, as well as functionality that would improve the usefulness of having data available.  Please email Elizabeth Wardrop directly if you would like to provide feedback.

Requesting Data for a Course you Teach

Instructors can request any of the data above related to their own course, for the purposes of improving learning. Pease email the IT Service Desk requesting ‘elearning data’ identifying the course code/s. Describe the data you want (e.g. logins per day between <date> and <date>, or for <this Kaltura video file>, which student watched and when).

Requesting Data for Courses you don't Teach

Researchers or senior staff (e.g. HOS/ADA) may request data from courses they are not the instructor for. Senior staff (e.g. HOS/ADA) can request data across courses they are responsible for. Researchers should include a copy of the accepted ethics approval application describing how the data will be managed appropriately. Send an email to the IT Service Desk requesting ‘elearning data‘ with the above information.