1. Introduction

This self-paced, online workshop will help develop your knowledge and skills in creating some of the most commonly used auto-marked question types in Inspera.

The workshop should be completed in sequence as the course is designed to build on knowledge and skills gained in each step. 

Access to Inspera Assesment

All staff are welcome to complete this workshop and will receive access to the Inspera Assessment training environment.   

To ensure the quality of service, access to Inspera (production environment) is currently limited as the eAssessment team wants to ensure sufficient support and administrative systems for staff and students. For semester 1, 2023 the eAssessment working party has requested Inspera (production environment) use be limited to current courses and/or staff. To request access to Inspera (production environment):  

  1. If you require Author (create assessment questions) and/or Planner (set up and deliver a Test) access complete the Expression of Interest form. 

  2. Log a job with help@elearning.uq.edu.au listing the access required: Grader (marking) and/or Author (create assessment questions) and/or Planner (set up and schedule an assessment).  

Staff with approved access will be able to use Inspera to facilitate assessment of their students and receive support with assessment design and delivery including support from ITaLI, Examinations and the AskUs team in UQ Library.

The process

  1. Before starting the course, email elearningadvisers@uq.edu.au with the subject line: Inspera Quizzes Online Workshop - Inspera Staff Training One Request to request permission to gain access to the staging environment.
  2. Watch the videos and complete the tasks in Inspera Staff Training One with an exam under your name.
  3. Upon completion, send an email to elearningadvisers@uq.edu.au. We will assess your work, provide you with additional assistance if required and record course completion through Staff Development.

Required resources

  1. Time: Schedule approximately 2 hours to complete this online course. You can also complete the workshop over an extended period of time and resume where you last stopped.
  2. Technological resources: A computer preferably with 2 screens and earphones for listening to the videos.
  3. Online resources: A collection of images and documents are required for some activities. These will be available to download on the required pages.