1. Introduction

This self-paced, online workshop has been designed to provide you with a structured programme to develop your knowledge, skills, and confidence in using Turnitin.

Topics should be completed in sequence as the course has been designed to build on knowledge and skills gained in the previous topics. 

The process

  1. Before starting the course, submit the Request Form to order a Turnitin Staging course.
  2. Watch the videos and complete the tasks in your staging course.
  3. Upon completion, send an email to elearningadvisers@uq.edu.au. We will assess your work, provide you with additional assistance if required and record course completion through Staff Development.

Required resources

  1. Time: Schedule approximately 2 hours to complete this online course, however if you are familiar with Turnitin, then you may complete it in less time. You can also complete the workshop over an extended period of time and resume where you last stopped.
  2. Technological resources: A computer preferably with 2 screens and earphones for listening to the videos.