13. Add questions from question bank

Video Guide

Create questions in Inspera (YouTube 5m 40s) - please watch from 5:03 for the instructions on adding questions from your question bank.

Task to complete

Add question to a section from question bank

  1. Access the question set you are creating "ABCD1001 Year Semester Your full name".
  2. Navigate to the section "Australian values".
  3. Click on the Add from Question Bank button.
  4. Click on the Filter button on the top right.
  5. Click on the Created by me button. Note: You can filter a question, using the author's name, label, and question types. 
  6. The three questions you copied in the previous steps will be displayed at the top position. Select three questions.
  7. Click on the Add button.
    Alternatively, you can enter each question's name in the search box to search for them, then add them one by one to your question set.


  1. Click on the Marks button to check the marks of this question
  2. Click on the Labels button to check the labels of this question.
  3. Enter "your name", "test name" onto the label text box.
  4. Click on the Save button.
  5. Click on the  Preview button.
  6. Close the preview window.
  7. Click on the Close button.

Refer to the Create a Question Set (add questions) for more detailed instructions.