16. Create Inspera link in Learn.UQ course

After completing a Question Set, you will need to create a link in your Learn.UQ course for students' access. Two steps are involved:

  1. Create an Inspera submission link in Learn.UQ course. This action will create a test in Deliver and you will continue with the follow step to complete the setting of your test.
  2. Complete the setting in Inspera Deliver 
    Note: In Step 2 of the guide Inspera Test settings, you should select one of the quiz templates: 
  • Quiz (Submit once)
  • Quiz (Multiple attempts with student post-submission review)
  • Quiz (Multiple attempts without student post-submission review)

Once you have applied the template to your test, all the relevant settings will be auto-selected to your test.

As this task involves access to the Inspera production site, which you will have upon the completion of this course, you will only need to watch the following video guides on this task.

Video Guide

Create an Inspera link in Learn.UQ course (YouTube 2m 36s)

Video Guide

Create an Inspera test in Deliver (YouTube 3m 26s)