When creating tests in Inspera, you should select a relevant template which will apply almost all the required settings.

This guide will explain the range of test setups (settings) in Inspera. Please do not follow this guide to create an Inspera test. Please follow the Create an Inspera test in Deliver guide.

  1. Test name: assessment name (Recommended: follow the naming convention).
  2. Select question set: select the question set created in the Author page.
  3. Template: select a relevant template (Steps 8 - 11 in Create an Inspera test in Deliver guide).

  1. Test start time: when the test becomes available for students. Students will not be able to open the test and view questions before this time.
  2. Test end time: when the test closes. When end time is reached, students who are in progress will be redirected to the submit page to submit their answers. Once the time has passed, students will not have access to the questions.
  3. Duration: the amount of time students have to complete the test. 


  • The test duration cannot be set to more than 8 hours.
  • When a student commences a test, they will see their own individual countdown timer that shows the remaining time. This will be equivalent to the Duration or the time remaining before the Test End Time, whichever comes first.
  1. Enable late submissions (template available): for students with approved extensions. Please follow the Late submissions and extensions in Inspera Assessment guide for detailed instructions.
  2. Enable Multiple Attempts: can be used for formative assessment; two templates are available:
  • Quiz (multiple attempts with student post-submission review)
  • Quiz (multiple attempts without student post-submission review)

  1. Candidates: you can


  1. Committees: should only be used in the following use cases:

Click on the Show/hide details button to expand the test Options.

  1. General settings

  • Test options:
    • Oral exam: enabled only if the test is fully oral, because the student will not be able to interact with the test. If this setting is enabled, the question set you use can only contain the Oral question type.
    • Enable auto submission (home exam): enabled in relevant templates. The test will then automatically submit when the closing time is reached for each candidate. Until then, the candidates can change their submission an unlimited number of times. This means that you will not start seeing student submissions flow through to the Grading area until the Test End Time has passed.
    • Grading only

      The purpose of this setting is to register student responses that originate from outside of Inspera. The most common use is handwritten answers that are scanned, or just for recording a grade that will then be available to transfer to external systems by way of integrations or API exports. 

      Students will not be able to respond in Inspera if this setting is enabled. Graders and planners will still be able to view the candidate list within the grading module. 

  • Marking 2.0: enabled by default
  • Candidate report:
    • Enable candidate report: Students will be able to access the report on their submission from Inspera dashboard once it is available.
    • You will need to select the date and time to make the report available for students or go with the default option When marking is confirmed.

  1. Security

  • Safe Exam Browser:  enabled in SEB templates. When doing this, you must also set an Invigilator Password. Click on the Advanced options and the Invigilator password and SEB password will be auto-populated in the textboxes.

  • Request Similarity report: enabled in all templates
  1. Exam Day: relevant settings enabled in all templates.

  1. After test
    Please follow the Enable Inspera After test settings guide.
  • Post-submission review: When enabled, students can log into Inspera after the test has ended, to see their submission. Note: If no date is set there is no time limit, and students will always have access. To restrict access, select an available from and to date. Both dates include the given date.

  • Allow post-submission review in Lockdown Browser only: Requires that Safe Exam Browser is enabled and is used together with Instant post-delivery access. This option lets the candidates see the submission directly after submitting, and before they leave the lockdown browser. This is instant access, and the candidates cannot see their submission in future sessions in lockdown browsers.
  • Include correct answers and result page: The correct answers for automatically marked questions will be visible in the submission review. In the submission summary page, status of the answers (correct/wrong/unanswered) for each of the questions and achieved marks for automatically marked questions will be visible. 
  • Instant post delivery accessThe candidates may view or download their submission immediately after submitting, even if the test end time has not passed. Please note that if instant availability is enabled an available from date restriction cannot be selected. Also, students will not be able to see marks or feedback on any manually marked questions as they won't have been marked yet.

General feedback refers to pre-written feedback that is built into the questions at the time of authoring them.

  • Include general feedback per question: will be available to select if you have provided general feedback on any question in your question set.
  • Include feedback on alternative: will be available to select if you have provided feedback on alternatives on any question in your question set.

  • Results page (when submitting): make the results page available for students
    • Enable result page: To allow for candidates to see their results of the submission immediately after the candidate submits.

      Note that this setting can’t be changed after the first candidate on the test has submitted. This is because the access to the result page is instant access directly after submitting, and valid only for the current session. Once the candidate logs out of Inspera, the other post submission review options must be activated to give access.

      The result of the submission will appear immediately after the candidate submits. In the submission summary page, columns for status of the answers (correct/wrong/unanswered) and achieved marks for automatically marked questions will be available.

  • Final Results: students will be able to see their submission results on their Inspera dashboard
  • Mark: show students' achieved marks

  • Share comments with candidate:
    • Not shared is selected by default to prevent students from reading the graders' private notes when marking.
    • Shared with candidate: if selected, graders' comments on students' submission will be available for students when the test status is Graded.

  • Comment settings: usually OFF because graders do not use this functionality.

  1. Grading workflow
  • General workflow:
    • Confirm all candidates at once: recommended and enabled in all templates except the one with late submissions.

Collaboration settings:

  • Setting marks and grades:
    • Private marking and results alignment: only use if you have sufficient human resources to implement private marking because it would require graders to go through extensive moderation to align the results if there are differences between graders.
    • Shared marking: recommended and enabled in all templates
  • Sharing marks and grades with committees
    • Allow completing grades by now committees: recommended and enabled in all templates
  • Confirmation of marks and grades
    • One grader can confirm: recommended and enabled in all templates
  • Question assignment: recommended and enabled in all templates

  1. Explanation of Grades

Explanations refers to overall feedback on the whole assessment written by Graders during the marking phase.

  • ON: if you want the graders to provide an explanation of their marking for each question.
  • OFF: if graders' explanation of their marking for each question is not required.