Note: It is recommended this step be completed after marking because if the following settings are enabled during the assessment creation, students might see their results upon submission.

  1. Click on Deliver.
  2. Optionally, enter the course code etc in the Search textbox.
  3. Click on the required assessment.

deliver selected, search textbox selected, assessment selected

  1. If required, in the Options section, click on the Show/hide details link.

show hide details selected

  1. Optionally, check the Enable Candidate Report checkbox in the General settings tab.

enable candidate report checkbox checked

  1. Optionally, check the Allow candidate post-submission review checkbox in the After test tab.
  2. Enter the appropriate date in the Availability to: textbox.
  3. If applicable, check the Include Correct Answers and Results Page checkbox.
  4. Optionally, check the Show Final Grade on Student Dashboard checkbox.
  5. Enter the appropriate date in the Visible from: textbox.
  6. Select the Shared with candidate radio button.

allow candidate post-submission review checkbox checked, availability to textbox selected, include correct answers and results page checkbox checked, show final marks or grades on student dashboard checkbox checked, visible from textbox selected, shard with candidate radio button selected

  1. Click on the Confirm sharing button.

confirm sharing button selected