12. Polling

Polling can be used as an active learning tool within Zoom for student engagement. Staff can poll students to check their understanding or gather views on a particular topic. Polling questions can be used to facilitate active learning activities, such as MCQ concept questions or opinion polls.

For step-by-step instructions, refer to the Polling in a Zoom meeting guide.

Tasks to complete

The following tasks will require another participant in your meeting. 

  1. Create a single choice polling question:
  • Question: There is a dark side of the moon
    • Answer 1: True
    • Answer 2: False
  1. Create a multiple choice polling question:
    • Question: A blood platelet drifts along with the flow of blood through an artery that is partially blocked by deposits. As the platelet moves from the narrow region to the wider region, its speed: 
      • Answer 1: Increases
      • Answer 2: Stays the same
      • Answer 3: Decreases
      • Answer 4: Drops to zero
  2. Create a multiple choice polling question:
    • Question: Which of the following words do you think describes how lawyers are portrayed in TV shows:
      • Answer 1: Heroic
      • Answer 2: Arrogant
      • Answer 3: Intelligent
      • Answer 4: Sexy
  3. Launch one of the polls in your Zoom meeting. 
  4. Share polling results.
  5. Practice switching between the different polling questions.