2. Workshop Overview

This course is an introduction to Zoom, UQ's virtual classroom/meeting system. In this course you will develop an understanding of how to facilitate a collaborative virtual classroom environment using Zoom. Participants will familiarise themselves with the use of chat, webcams and breakout rooms for communication with students. Participants will also learn how to share their screen and applications, use active learning tools such as polling and reactions, as well as use an interactive virtual whiteboard.

The following tools are available in Zoom: 


Example Use

Teaching Context


Type, annotate and draw on the whiteboard.

Draw a diagram to illustrate a concept or show the working of a maths problem.


Participants can ask questions and communicate with others.

Participants can ask questions throughout the session which can be answered at set intervals.

Raise Hand

Participants can indicate whether they want to speak.

Participants can indicate that they wish to verbally ask a question, without interrupting the speaker.

Screen Sharing

Share slides, software or websites.

Share a PowerPoint presentation or webpage with participants. 
Video Participants can share their webcam. Allow for a personalised virtual experience through the use of webcams and document cameras.


Allow verbal responses from participants .

Verbally explain concepts and answer participant questions.


Participants can respond to questions or statements.

Quickly gauge participant understanding and opinions.


Participants can answer polling questions.

Quickly gauge participant understanding and opinions.

Breakout Rooms

Place participants in breakout rooms to facilitate group work.

Split participants into smaller groups to discuss concepts or complete an activity.

Change YouTube video quality

If you need to change the quality of the embedded YouTube videos throughout the workshop, refer to the Change the quality of your video guide for step-by-step instructions.