eLearning workshops

Workshops run and staff attendances

Practical, hands-on workshops in teaching and learning technologies are offered through Workday to help staff prepare their courses each semester. In June, 5 workshops were conducted with 23 participants attending. This year to date, 73 staff workshops have been run with a total of 848 attendances. Since 2012, there has been a total of 8,671 staff workshop attendances.



Online workshop completions

WorkshopNumber of engagementsNumber of completions
Learn.UQ Basics132
Learn.UQ Quizzes, Tests and Exams52
Virtual Classroom (Zoom)32
Desktop Recording (Kaltura Capture)31
Video Assignment20
Grade Centre00
UQ Extend144

eLearning guides

Guide updates

The following table displays the number of staff and student guides that have been created, updated and removed this year to date.

Guides CreatedGuides UpdatedGuides Removed



Total = 227
(11 student guides + 216 staff guides)


Top 10 eLearning guides 

The following list includes the 10 most viewed eLearning guides this month:

  1. Inspera Exam Portal Installers (1,864 views) 
  2. Create a Grade Schema (1-7 grades) (1,658 views)  
  3. Turnitin Sync Issue (560 views) 
  4. ECP (488 views) 
  5. Reactions in a Zoom meeting (355 views)   
  6. Grade Centre (268 views) 
  7. Turnitin (261 views) 
  8. ePortfolio (256 views) 
  9. eLearning Tools (233 views) 
  10. Delete Threads, Edit/Delete Replies (214 views) 

 Total webpage views = 34,154

Total webpage views for the previous month (May 2022) = 33,877


eLearning Adviser Consultations

The eLearning Adviser Consultations is designed to help staff implement the UQ eLearning tools that most successfully solve common teaching and learning problems. The eLearning Adviser Consultations to date in 2022 have catered for 192 Course Coordinators teaching into 232 courses which constitute approximately 6.72% of all courses in the university and servicing a total of 32,979 student experiences across the university. In total, the number of appointments equals 358. The top three most common individual tools implemented are Inspera, Turnitin and Grade Centre. For the month, 23 new Course Coordinators were assisted with eLearning-related consultations teaching into 17 courses with 4,919 student experiences across 57 appointments.

Individual toolsTimes implementedStudents benefitted
Active learning tool92928
Collaboration / reflection tool273233
eLearning refresher242610
ePortfolio WIL - Chalk & Wire11990
Grade Centre478880
Group management164683
Group Peer Assessment132268
Microsoft Teams3396
UQ Extend121490
Online marking / submission6614684
Online mini lecture7517
Online quiz / exam6510393
Self Peer Assessment Tool00
Course Insights2384
Video assignment91970
Video content - Kaltura2300
Virtual classroom - Zoom202632

ePortfolio usage

Usage in June

Usage this year to date

Assessments: 337413740
Files Uploaded: 376323074


eLearning Support - Requests and Trends

Chart of Support Request Categories from June 2020 to June 2022

Download Support Request Categories-202206.csv

The number of jobs for June 2022 decreased by 14.7% when compared to June 2021 and decreased by 14.3% when compared to June 2020 yet increased by 24.6% when compared to May 2022.

Course Management jobs for June 2022 decreased by 14.3% when compared with June 2021 and decreased by 18.2% when compared with June 2020 yet increased by 35.1% when compared with May 2022.

Tools & Other jobs for June 2022 decreased by 15.6% when compared with June 2021 and decreased by 6.5% when compared with June 2020 yet increased by 5.9% when compared with May 2022.

The distribution of jobs were mainly in favour of Course Management (64.1%) with Tools & Other (35.9%).


During June 2022 there were thirty four (34) Urgent jobs. A breakdown of the Urgent jobs are as follows.
Blackboard Access (2), Blackboard Assignment Tool (1), Blackboard Grade Centre (1), Blackboard Groups (1), Blackboard Population (3), Blackboard Tools (1), Exam related nineteen (19), Inspera (2), Turnitin (4),

All Urgent requests were responded to within an hour.