Using reactions

Reactions can be used as an active learning tool within Zoom for students to efficiently provide non-verbal feedback to a question posed by their course coordinator.

  1. Click on the Participants button to launch the sidebar.

Note: This will be used to monitor reaction counts and clear reactions.

Participants button circled

  1. Click on the Reactions button to see the available reactions.

Reactions button and available reactions circled

Warning: The Yes, No, Slow down, Speed up and Raise Hand reactions will stay active until either the student toggles them off or the host clears them. All other reactions will stay active for 10 secs.

  1. You can click on a reaction (eg. yes) to apply it.

Green tick (yes) reaction circled

  1. Any applied reactions will appear next to the participant's name in the list.

Green ticked reaction circled next to participants name

  1. Students can click on the … (more) button to view additional reactions.

3 dots (more) button circled

Warning: Emoji style reactions only appear for a maximum of 10 seconds.

  1. Optionally, click on the Share Screen button to share a PowerPoint presentation.

Share Screen button circled

  1. Students can then react to indicate their response to a particular question, statement or topic. 

Example PowerPoint slide

  1. The total number of reactions will appear at the bottom of the Participant window.

number of reactions circled

  1. Click on the button and select Clear All Feedback to remove all active reactions. 

... button circled and Clear All Feedback circled


Note: You can only clear the Yes, No, Slow down, Speed up and Raise Hand reactions. All other Emoji reactions clear automatically after 10 seconds.


Raise Hand reaction

Students can use the Raise Hand reaction to indicate when they would like to speak anytime throughout a Zoom meeting. 

  1. A student can click on the Reactions button and select the Raise Hand button.

Reactions and raise hand circled


  1. A raised hand icon will then appear next to the student's name in the Participants menu as well as a count of the raised hands.

Hands raised icons circled and the count circled


Note: If the Manage Participants menu is not open, all hosts and co-hosts will receive a notification that a student(s) has raised their hand. 

Raised hand notification circled


  1. When you are ready, you can permit the student to unmute their own microphone and ask their question.
  2. Click on the button and select Clear All Feedback to remove the raised hand reaction.

3 dots and Clear all feedbackcircled