Reactions can be used as an active learning tool within Zoom for students to efficiently provide non-verbal feedback to a question posed by their course coordinator.

  1. Click on the Manage Participants button to launch the sidebar.

manage participants

  1. Click on a reaction (i.e. yes) to apply it. 


  1. Any applied reactions will appear next to the participant's name in the list.

reaction next to name

  1. Click on the more button to view additional reactions.

more reactions

  1. Optionally, click on the Share button to share a PowerPoint presentation.

share button

  1. Students can then react to indicate their response to a particular question, statement or topic. 


  1. The total number of reactions will appear above each icon to give you an indication of response numbers.

reaction numbers

  1. Click on the clear all button to clear reactions for all participants. 

clear all

  1. Reactions for all participants will then be cleared.

all cleared