What is the Tests and Pool tool?

The Test tool allows you to create online quizzes, tests and exams that include both automatically and instructor marked questions.

A Pool is a bank of questions that can be reused repeatedly in multiple assessments.

Why would I use the Test and Pool tool?

Tests enable you to check the knowledge or skill levels of your students. Tests can be used for both formative and summative assessment.

Pools allow you to organise questions by module or topic. Using the Random Block function, you can create tests where questions are randomly selected from a pool and presented to the student every time the test is taken. Pools can also be copied into other courses using the export and import functions.

Other Considerations

Surveys: The Survey tool allows you to survey students and have the results automatically collated. The survey tool uses the same question types as available in Tests and also allows you to use questions from Pools. Answers to survey questions are anonymous.

Grade Centre: Test results can be viewed, moderated and remarked in the Grade Centre. Note, Short answer, Essay and File response questions must be marked manually.

Case Studies

Dr Judith Seaboyer - Feedback-rich quizzes

Judith shares her views on the benefits of feedback-rich online quizzes to help student engage with their weekly readings.

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Robyn Parry - e-Examinations

Robyn discusses the advantages of using e-Examinations in her course from flexibility in timing, marking and providing feedback to her students.

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Dr Simone Smala - Online Weekly Quizzes

Simone shares her views on the benefits of using weekly online quizzes for student engagement. 

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Create questions - free response (instructor marked)

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