The following settings are recommended when using Zoom for teaching activities (i.e. online lectures/seminars/tutorials and student consultations), as opposed to video conferencing with colleagues. 

Accessing and Editing Meeting Settings via the Zoom web interface

  1. Go to
  2. Login with your UQ username and password.
  3. Select Settings from the side menu.

Note: The Settings page has three tabs (located at top of page): Meeting, Recording and Telephone.

  1. Click individual items on each page to toggle a setting On (coloured blue) or Off (coloured grey as in picture below).

Note: Some settings may be locked by admin (ITS). This will be noted next to the setting (as shown below).

Setting locked by system admin

Settings List

The following list includes possible settings available under Meeting Settings which we recommend changing from the default setting. Refer to the Full Zoom Settings List for additional setting options. 

Meeting tab

Schedule Meeting

Host video

Start with the host's video off to allow for checking before going live. 

Tip: Check your video preview in Video Settings before going live. Refer to the ____ guide. 


Participants video

Start with the students' videos off to preserve bandwidth and allow you to advise students if/when to turn on their video.


Audio Type


As Required

Only authenticated users can join meetings from Web client It is highly recommended that teaching staff turn this setting ON, as it restricts logins to UQ staff and students only. On

Mute participants automatically

Start with all students' microphone as automatically turned off to avoid background noise and allow you to advise students if/when to turn on their microphone.


Calendar Integration (further set up may be required)


As required

In Meeting (Basic)
Private chat Allow meeting participants to send a private 1:1 message to another participant. Disable as required
In Meeting (Advanced)
Breakout Room Allow the host to split meeting participants into separate, smaller rooms. On
Breakout Room additional checkbox Allow the host to assign participants to breakout rooms when scheduling. On

Waiting room

Waiting rooms can be used to admit students to a Zoom meeting prior to the host. The course coordinator is then able to admit particular students once they are ready (i.e. for an online exam).

Refer to the Zoom waiting rooms for online exams guide.

As required

Virtual background

Check the Allow use of videos for virtual backgrounds checkbox. 

Virtual backgrounds can be used to customize your background to keep your environment private from others in a meeting.

Note: This can be used with or without a green screen.

Email Notifications

When a cloud recording is available

If you record your session, the video is not available immediately, but you will receive an email once it has been processed. 


When attendees join meeting before host

If you have a small number of students, you may want to be alerted when they join the Zoom meeting before you. 

Note: This may result in numerous emails from early arrivals

As required

When a meeting is cancelled

If you want to alert students via email when a Zoom meeting is cancelled. 

Note: This email is automated, therefore you might prefer to use an Announcement instead. 

As required

When an alternative host is set or removed from a meeting

If you want to alert students via email if the original host of a Zoom meeting is changed. 

As required


Blur snapshot on task switcher


As required

Scheduling Privilege


As required

Recording tab

Automatic Recording

If you want to ensure your Zoom meetings are recorded automatically. 

Note: You can choose whether you want to automatically record to the Cloud or to your computer. 

Tip: If you want all your sessions recorded, it is recommended you use this option.

As required
Only authenticated users can view cloud recordings The viewers need to authenticate prior to viewing the cloud recordings, hosts can choose one of the authentication methods when sharing a cloud recording. As required
Recording disclaimer Show a customizable disclaimer to participants before a recording starts. As required

Multiple audio notifications of recording meeting

Play notification messages to participants who join the meeting audio. These messages play each time the recording starts or restarts, informing participants that the meeting is being recorded. If participants join the audio from telephone, even if this option is disabled, users will hear one notification message per meeting.


For more information on individual functions: