Using the Presentation option in CaptureSpace allows you to import your PowerPoint presentation, the text from your presentation is then searchable in the resulting video, which allows students to more easily locate a specific point in the presentation.


  1. Plug in the microphone you will be using (if you are not using a microphone built into your computer) before you open CaptureSpace.
  2. Open Kaltura CaptureSpace from your Start Menu or desktop icon. 

Kaltura CaptureSpace desktop icon

Note: Refer to the Getting Started guide for instructions on how to install the required software on your computer. 

  1. Click on the Settings tab to check your microphones settings. Refer to the Recording Options and Settings guide for more details.

Settings tab

  1. To start recording, return to the Record tab then click on the Presentation and Lectures button.

Record tab then click on the Presentation and Lectures button

Note: The following interface will appear. For a simple narrated PowerPoint ensure cameras are set to None and Screen Capture item should be set to Off. To use these additional features refer to the multi-source recordings information below.

Recording interface will appear

  1. To upload your presentation select Yes under the Presentation item and then click Browse to select your presentation from your computer.

click Browse to select your presentation from your computer

  1. Under Sound ensure your microphone is selected and correct and the Sound option is set to On.

ensure your microphone is selected and correct

  1. Click the Record button to commence your recording.

Tip: You may need to click onto the PowerPoint Slide to switch the computer's 'focus' to PowerPoint if you plan to use keyboard arrows to navigate through slides.

Click the Record button to commence your recording

  1. The screen will switch to presentation mode and the control panel will be minimised or moved to another screen.
  2. Press Done to finish your recording. 

Tip: You can also use Alt-P to pause or resume your recording.

Note: If you use the built in drawing tools in PowerPoint presenter mode they will not show up in your recording. To be able to draw on your presentation you would need to use the screen recording option in CaptureSpace.

  1. You will be shown a preview of your recording once you have finished. You can also edit the recording within CaptureSpace. Refer to the Editing guide for more information.
  2. If you are happy with the recording and do not need to edit, click the Done button.
  3. Enter a meaningful title, and/ or description and tags for your recording then press Upload to upload the file to My Media in Blackboard or press Save to save the file without uploading.

Note: Recordings that include presentations may take 5-10min to appear in your My Media.

Enter a meaningful Title. press Upload or save

Tip:  You might save the file if you want to come back and edit it later, or make another recording and decide which you prefer. If you choose to Upload you can still edit your video through the My Media interface in Blackboard.

Multi-source Recording

Multi-source recording refers to using multiple inputs e.g. camera, webcam, screen recording and/ or presentations in the one recording.

  1. To record from multiple sources select your camera sources in the Recording Options leaving any you do not require set to None. You can record up to three cameras.

Note: When using the Kaltura CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder on a Mac, you are able to choose only one camera. 

select your camera sources in the Recording Options

  1. Set the Screen Capture options to On to record your desired screen, or set to Off if you do not require screen capture.

Note: Drawing Tools are available when screen recording.

Set the Screen Capture options to On to record your desired screen

  1. Follow the steps described above under Voice-over-PowerPoint to include a presentation and ensure the sound is captured.

Tip: If recording webcam and PowerPoint ensure you have your POwerPoint set up to display on the same screen that your webcam is mounted on so that you are looking towards the camera.