What is UQ's Video Server?

Kaltura, is UQ's video (and audio) server. It allows staff to upload videos directly into a Content Area (Learning Resources  or Assessment) or any where there is a Textbox Editor (Items, Announcements, Discussion Boards, Blogs, Journals, Wikis and Assignments). Students can play the video files live from inside the course (streaming) or downloading them. Kaltura also includes basic video editing tools, a webcam recording tool and a desktop recording tool.

Kaltura can also be used by students to upload their video assignments to Learn.UQ.

Echo360, UQ's lecture recording system also allows staff to upload video/audio files using the Ingest function.

Why would I use the Video Server?

Kaltura allows you to upload videos you have produced yourself, such as interviews with discipline experts to your Learn.UQ course. Course content can be converted to online videos to free up in-class time for active learning and problem solving activities. Uploading individual videos into a course site can slow the course loading time, and impact the entire Learn.UQ system.  By hosting the videos on Kaltura, you improve the user experience for yourself and for your students.

Other Considerations

Desktop Recording: A desktop recording occurs when you create a video of all computer screen (including webcams) and audio activity on you computer. Desktop recording can also be used to produce Voice over PowerPoint (VOP) online lectures.

YouTube: Videos can also be uploaded to a YouTube channel (with privacy setting unlisted), then a link to the video added to your Learn.UQ course (using the Build Content menu or Visual Textbox Editor).  This method is not suitable for sensitive material (e.g. video of surgical procedures) or copyright material (i.e. resources you have purchased for your course) as the videos are then stored by YouTube not UQ.

Note, it is recommended that student video assignments are uploaded to UQ's video server, Kaltura.

Lecture Recording: All centrally controlled teaching spaces with 40 seats all more are fitted with equipment to record lectures. All lectures are automatically recorded and linked to your Learn.UQ course.

Virtual Classroom (Adobe Connect): Recordings of sessions are stored on the Virtual Classroom system (Adobe Connect). Links to recordings can be added to your Learn.UQ course (using the Build Content menu or Visual Textbox Editor).

Case Studies

Jacqueline Bond - Video Assignments (Kaltura)

Jacqui shares her views on the benefits of using video assignments to help students develop their communication skills by producing an explanation of a past exam question.

> Watch the video (YouTube, 3m 58s)

Dr Karen Cheney - Video Assignments (Kaltura)

Karen shares her views on using video assignments to engage students in exploring the science behind research articles. 

> Watch the video (YouTube, 3m 47s)

Dr David MacDonald - Video Assignments (Kaltura)

David shares his views on using video assignments to allow students to demonstrate their interview and communication skills.

> Watch the video (YouTube, 4m 28s)