What is UQ's video server?

Kaltura, is UQ's video (and audio) server. It allows staff to upload videos directly into a Content Area (Learning Resources or Assessment) or anywhere there is a text editor (Items, Announcements, Discussion Boards, Blogs, Journals, Wikis and Assignments). Students can play the video files live from inside the course (streaming) or by downloading them. Kaltura also includes basic video editing tools, a webcam recording tool and a desktop recording tool.

Echo360, UQ's lecture recording system also allows staff to upload video/audio files. For more information, refer to the Upload a File to Echo360 guide. 

Why would I use the video server?

Kaltura allows you to upload videos you have produced yourself, such as interviews with discipline experts to your Learn.UQ course. Course content can be converted to online videos to free up in-class time for active learning and problem-solving activities. Uploading individual videos into a course site can slow the course loading time, and impact the entire Learn.UQ system.  By hosting the videos on Kaltura, you improve the user experience for yourself and for your students.

For more information on the video storage timeframe, refer to the Kaltura video storage timeframe guide.

Is there a file size upload limit?

Kaltura uses an HTML5 uploader in Chrome, Safari, Firefox and IE 10+, which does not have a file size limit.

Note: Older versions of Internet Explorer which requires Kaltura to use a Flash uploader have a file size limit of 2 GB.

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