Why would I use online grades management tools?

Using a central system like Grade Centre has numerous benefits, such as built-in security and monitoring, fewer manual transfer errors and the ability to review mark changes.

What grades management tools and resources are available?

The Grade Centre provides an area within your Blackboard course to store student marks, while student scores from Blackboard tests and surveys are stored in the Grade Centre automatically. You may also manually add scores and information for externally marked assessment. There are also resources available on general grades security and ensuring student results are secure. 

Grade Centre

Grade Centre allows you to view marks from online Tests, Turnitin assignments, Blackboard assignments, Discussion Boards and the ePortfolio system. When you create an assessment item in Blackboard, a column is automatically created in Blackboard.


  • Manually add marks and information to the Grade Centre.
  • Perform basic calculations such as average marks, total marks and weighed marks.
  • Colour coding can identify students above or below a threshold (i.e. students who failed a hurdle task). 
  • Import and export of Grade Centre data to a spreadsheet. 
  • Bulk upload MCQ test results. 
  • Upload grades directly to SI-net. 
  • Smart views can customise the Grade Centre view based on groups (i.e. tutorial, seminar and practical groups).
  • Grades history tracking and the ability to review mark changes. 
  • Grade Centre column automatically created for all Blackboard tools and Turnitin. 


  • Does not accomodate hurdles. 
  • Cannot do complex calculations. 

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My Grades

My Grades gives students access to view information (marks) on all assessment items in the Grade Centre. Generally these would be tests/quizzes and other assignments. This is only viewable by the student role, not by any staff roles in Learn.UQ.

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Grades Security

You can undertake a range of practical steps to improve grades management and security, such as general computer security and using a central system like Grade Centre. 

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