What is Inspera?

Inspera is an assessment platform that has targeted functionality for designing and securely supporting processes and tasks related to a range of assessments, including quizzes, tests and exams.

Why would I use Inspera?

Inspera may be used for a range of assessments from ‘checking for understanding’ summaries, quizzes, tutorial or practical activities, mid- and end-of-semester exams, both on and off-campus. There are over 20 different question types on offer, 14 of which are automatically marked. Video, audio and images can also be included in questions. 

eLearning Adviser Consultations (via Zoom)

The eLearning Adviser Consultations offers one-on-one consultations to course teaching staff on adopting UQ eLearning technologies.

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Assessment design consultations (via Teams)

For assessment design, advice on question and assessment task creation, and providing feedback in Inspera:

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