Two Inspera environments are available:

  1. Inspera Admin (production) is for creating and marking assessment 
  2. Inspera Training One is for testing functionalities and training purposes

Inspera Admin access

Author and Planner access

Refer to the Getting Started with Inspera guide.

Grader and Invigilator access

If you only require Grader and/or Invigilator access to Inspera, you can directly request access to the production environment ( by emailing with the subject line: "Inspera access" and "Grader/Invigilator access" in the message body.

Review the Mark and feedback guide or book an eLearning Adviser consultation for further guidance.

 Inspera Training One access

All staff can request access to the Inspera Training One

Log a job with with the subject line: Inspera Training access.

You will be provided with the following roles: Author (create assessment questions), Planner (set up and schedule an assessment) and Grader (marking).

Note: Assessment should not be developed in the training environment. Also, it is not recommended for technical reasons that questions developed in the training environment are transferred to the Inspera admin/production site.

Do a demo test

The Inspera assessment demo test will help you get familiar with the Inspera platform features and some question types available within Inspera. As this is a demo test, you can complete it multiple times. No details of how many times you have completed the test will be recorded and your answers will not be stored.

Access the Inspera assessment demo test

Note: You do not need to log in to do the demo test.

Video Guide

Access Inspera (YouTube, 1m 01s) 


  1. Log in to Inspera Assessment (

Staff login page (has yellow buildings)

  1. Click on the Admins Planners Authors Graders tab.
  2. Click on the Log in with UQ Authenticate button.

admins planners authors graders tab selected, log in with uq authenticate button selected

  1. Enter your UQ username in the UQ username textbox.
  2. Enter your password in the Password textbox.
  3. Click on the LOGIN button.

uq username and password textboxes selected

The Inspera dashboard is displayed. You can create questions/question sets, create tests, and grade students' papers.