When a student arrives late to an on-campus exam, they should conclude their exam at the same time as other students who arrived on time. 

However, on-campus exams have an additional 30 minutes added to the Test End Time. This is to allow for the exam to commence late due to technical delays. When students commence late, they still receive their full exam duration as long as they finish before the extended Test End Time

So, when a student commences an exam late, when not due to a technical delay, an incident adjustment is required to ensure the student concludes their exam at the same time as the students who arrived on time. 

Adjust the Individual End Time 

Once the student who arrived late has commenced their exam: 

  1. Search for the student username in the Monitor module. 
  2. Find out what time the exam is due to end by calculating: 
    The time the exam commenced + exam duration (working + planning time)  

In the example below, the Chief instructed students to start the exam at 8:10 am, and the exam duration is 2hrs and 10min. Therefore, the exam is due to end at 10:20 am.  

  1. Select the student in the Monitor module and select Individual end time from the pop-up menu.  
  2. Set the Individual end time for the time the exam is due to end. In the above example, the Individual end time is set to 10:20 am.  

Rounding to the nearest minute 

Individual end time can only be set to the nearest 5 minutes interval.

To make an incident adjustment that is accurate to the nearest minute: 

  1. Apply an Individual End Time rounded down to the nearest five minutes.  
  2. Calculate the difference between the Individual end time and actual exam end time.  
  3. Click on Incident Extra Time and add this number of minutes.  
  4. Compare the Minutes remaining column for the student who arrived late versus the students who arrived on time. The minutes remaining values should be the same.