The following guide provides a summary of the core functions and accessibility levels associated with each of the Inspera Assessment User Roles.


Users with Planner access can:

  • Create assessments
  • Edit assessment settings
  • Allocate and edit other contributors to an assessment
  • Determine the students who will take the assessment
  • Attach the content (Question Set) to an assessment
  • Preview assessment content
  • Activate/deactivate assessment
  • View assessment in Grading mode
  • Add/edit the committees that will mark the assessment
  • Edit grader workflow
  • Download marks and grades as CSV.



Users with Author access can:

  • Create questions
  • Set marking rules on questions
  • Add and edit question mark scheme, bands and criteria and other marking guidance
  • Edit all question settings
  • Add labels to questions
  • Create and edit the content structure of an assessment (Question Set)
  • Set randomisation and pull settings
  • Add resources to question set
  • Share questions and question sets with other users.



Users with Grader access can:

  • View and download student submissions
  • Set marks or grades on questions
  • Apply automatically calculated grade
  • Override automatic marks on questions
  • Confirm own/final grading (depending on workflows determined by the planner)
  • View the associated Question set for an assessment
  • Upload mark scheme
  • Add private comments on learner level and question level
  • Add an explanation of grade
  • Request and view similarity report (may be restricted to Planners only)
  • Comment directly in submission.


Chief Invigilator

Users with Chief Invigilator access can:

  • Get access to the test 60 minutes prior to the test start time (unless they have other user roles which provide greater access)
  • View Invigilator and Student passwords to access the assessment
  • Change assessment start and end time
  • Preview assessment
  • Download and print assessment
  • View and download Invigilator instructions
  • View student list for an assessment
  • Apply available actions to individual students such as:
  1. Add/subtract individual extra time
  2. Location (building/ room)
  3. Set attending/not attending
  4. Set ID confirmed/rejected
  5. Pause/unpause (resume) assessment timer
  6. Upload a student’s offline submission
  7. View student submission.