Question weight is available for planners and graders in the Grading module. It allows the planner/grader to make adjustments during the grading process, such as removing a faulty question or adjusting the weight of the question.

The Question weights setting will automatically become available after a test is generated, and cannot be used once a candidate's final grade has been confirmed.


Two ways to access Question Weights

From Options

  1. Access your test in Grade

  1. Click the Options drop-down.
  2. Select Question weights.

  1.  Navigate to the question you want to edit.
  2. Under the Overriden weight heading, enter the adjusted weighting (new percentage) :
  • Default weight is 100% which corresponds to a multiplication of marks by 1.0.
  • 200% weight will multiply marks by 2.0.
  • By setting the weight to 0%, results from the given question will not be taken into account at all.
  1. Click on the Update button.
  2. Click on the Close button.

  1. You can view the new weighted results of a question directly within the Marking panel.

From Questions

  1. Click on the Questions tab in the workspace.

  1. Navigate to the question you want to edit.
  2. Click on the three-dot button.

  1. Select the Edit weight option.

  1. Enter the adjusted weighting. You can edit multiple questions at the same time.