A crucial step before you deliver your Inspera assessment to students is to pilot it. You will need to:

  1. Create a test in Deliver.
  2. Add one-time users to your Inspera test and
  3. Complete the test as a student.

Tip: You can add yourself and your teaching team to the test so that everyone in your team can provide feedback to edit the test if needed.

Video Guide

Complete an Inspera test as a student (YouTube 2m 08s)


  1. Open an incognito/private browser window. This is a different browser window for the student testing while keeping your staff login active.
  2. Enter the Inspera Assessment student login page (https://uqi.inspera.com/). The background is the red building for student log in in contrast with the yellow building for staff log in.
  3. Click on the or with registered user link.


or with registered user link circled

  1. Enter the one-time user login details obtained from the Add one-time users to Inspera step into the login form that appears.

Username and password boxes circled

  1. Click on the Login button.

Login button circled

  1. From the student dashboard, click on the Click here to get ready button.

Click here to get ready button circled

  1. Click on the Start test button to proceed with testing the assessment from the student's perspective.

Start test button circled