If you are using Inspera for a school-based exam, you will need to ensure that your students and staff are prepared for the exam.

This guide provides information on Off-Campus exams.

For information on On-Campus exams please refer to the Digital On-Campus Exam Support for Staff guide by Academic Services Division.

    1. Prepare your students

    At the start of semester post an announcement in the Learn.UQ Course site instructing students to go to the Inspera Assessment page on UQ Library website to become familiar with Inspera.

    For recorded assessment (using Inspera Exam Portal): 

    Include instructions in your announcement for students to:  

    1. Download Inspera Exam Portal from the Inspera Exam Portal Installers page. 
    2. Complete the Inspera Exam Portal Preparation check to ensure their device will be suitable on exam day. 
    3. Students can contact AskUs if there are any technical difficulties with the above.