What is the Assignment tool? 

The Assignment tool allows you to set up a location for students to submit assessment. Students can submit a wide range of file types (Word, PDF, PowerPoint, Excel and multimedia) as well as links to web based items (Prezi, Kaltura videos). Some file types (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF) can also be marked online using the built-in inline grading tool.

Assignments can be set up for both individual student submission and submission by groups.

Why would I use the Assignment tool ?

Assignment tool allows your students to submit tasks online and view their feedback online. Using the Assignment tool also can also help with assignment administration.

When you create an Assignment, a column for the assignment is automatically added to the Grade Centre. Using the Grade Centre you can view submitted work, download assignments, enter marks, enter feedback, give feedback using a rubric and anonate some files types (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF).

Other Considerations

TurnItIn: Turnitin is a software tool that has functions for online student assignment submission, text matching, online marking and peer marking. TurnItIn allows the upload of any file type but does not allow the submission of links. The marking function allows you to annotate student assignments (PDF, Word, PowerPoint and image files only), give feedback using a rubric (all file types) and return marked assignments to students electronically. You can also use this tool to give feedback on assignments that do not require a file submission, such as oral presentations.TurnItIn does not allow the submission of group assignments.

Rubric: A rubric (marking scheme) can also be added to Assignments.

Case Studies

Dr Bryan Morgan

Bryan shares his views on the benefits of using the Blackboard assignment tool to mark group assignments.

Watch the video (YouTube, 2m 28s)

Jemma King 

Jemma shares her views on the benefits of using the Groups and Blackboard assignment tools to improve the submission and marking process of group assignments.

Watch the video (YouTube, 2m 18s)

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