What is web accessibility?

The web is designed for all people irrespective of their hardware, software, location, language or ability. Under the Disability Discrimination Act 1992, Australian Government agencies are required to ensure information and services are provided in a non-discriminatory accessible manner. All information published by Federal government organisations should be compliant to the Level AA Web content accessibility guidelines standard which provides a wide range of recommendations for making web content more accessible to users with disabilities.

How do our eLearning systems and tools improve accessibility?

  • The Course Site Design guidelines promote a consistent menu, structure and format which helps users navigate, find content, and determine where they are. 
  • Blackboard SaaS includes a range of accessibility features such as keyboard navigation, support for screen readers, quick links for faster navigation and a content editor for math formulas.
  • The Blackboard text editor includes an accessibility checker button which provides formatting suggestions such as heading size, alt text and text formatting.
  • The ​Echo360 and YouTube media players all include keyboard shortcuts (e.g. volume, pause, start) and when embedded in Blackboard, these players do not have auto-play enabled by default.
  • Automatic captions and transcripts are available for videos uploaded to Echo360 which can be edited and downloaded. For more information, refer to the Edit and download an Echo360 video transcript guide.
  • Zoom meetings that are recorded to the cloud generate automatic audio transcriptions which can be downloaded and edited. For more information, refer to the Add a Zoom Recording to Learn.UQ guide.
  • Live auto-transcription can be turned on in your Zoom account settings and then enabled during a Zoom meeting. For more information, refer to the Live auto-transcripts in a Zoom meeting guide.
  • Inspera Assessment has a range of accessibility features including text-to-speech, a screen reader, keyboard navigation, braille keyboards, and zooming support which can be customised for particular users. For more information, refer to Inspera's accessibility statement.