Top 7 Learn.UQ Course Site Design tips

 Menu iconUse the Standard Menu

The standard menu is already in the Blackboard template and has an optimised structure. It's also consistent across all courses so much faster and easier for students to use.
video (YouTube, 54s)

Welcome desk icon Welcome

Create a site banner and provide a friendly announcement message to welcome students to your course to increase their level of engagement with the content.
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Create a Banner (YouTube, 2m 36s)

Add an Announcement (YouTube, 3m 40s)

Course staff icon Course Staff

Provide details and photos of all members of the teaching team. The Course Coordinator should always be at the top together with reasons for students to contact them. This allows students to recognise members of the team and to know who to contact with questions.
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Add Course Staff (YouTube, 2m 39s)

Help icon Course Help

This is the first place that students will go to find help. Instead of recreating content, provide references to your course's ECP and links to School, Faculty and UQ resources. It should ensure consistency of communication and policy and answer a wide range of common student questions.
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Calendar icon Weekly Structure

There should be one Learning Resource folder per week or module which includes all relevant content. It should be titled with the week number and a description of the topic. As well as providing an overview of the course, it also reduces the time it takes students to find resources.
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Set Up Learning Resources (YouTube, 3m 23s)

Folder icon Assessment Folders

Put all of the information and resources associated with an assessment item, including a submission link and instructions, into one folder with exactly the same title as in the ECP. This provides clarity for students on the requirements for the item and the submission process.
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Wifi icon Publish Promptly

Check and publish your ECP and make sure your site is available in Orientation Week to help students prepare for the commencement of your course.

Make a Course Available (YouTube, 2m 18s)

Note: The above course site design information may not be suitable for specialist courses on topics such as: Thesis, Special topic and Post graduate by research.