How do I create a video assignment? 

Option 1: Submit to Blackboard assignment (recommended)

You can create a video assignment that allows for both individual and group submissions using the Blackboard assignment tool. 

  1. Create a Blackboard assignment.
  2. Students submit to the Blackboard assignment and embed their video using the EchoVideo functionality in the text editor.
  3. Mark the video assignment submissions through Grade Centre.

Individual assignments

For individual video assignments, students simply submit their assignment, which then can be marked through Grade Centre.

Group assignments

For group video assignments, the Blackboard groups and assignment tool can be used in combination so one student, on behalf of the group, submits the assignment which then can be marked through Grade Centre.

Option 2: Submit to Course Gallery

  1. Add a Course Gallery link to the course menu.
  2. Create a Grade Centre column for marking purposes (can optionally attach a rubric).
  3. Students submit their video to the Course Gallery link through My Media.
  4. After submission, hide the Course Gallery link so no one but teaching staff can see it.
  5. Review the videos submitted to the course gallery and mark using the Grade Centre column. 

Practice video submission

We recommend that staff include a compulsory practice video submission prior to the completion of the final submission. This practice video should be created using the same equipment the student intends to use and be of the same length. The student should complete the video submission using EchoVideo or the ePortfolio and seek any technical assistance from Ask Us!

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