Adding an Assignment to a Content Area (i.e. Assessment) creates a location for students to submit assessment. Students can submit a wide range of file types including, Word, PDF, PowerPoint, Excel and multimedia files using this tool. Students can also submit links to assignments produced online i.e. a Padlet, website or ePortfolio Collaboration assignment.

Assignments can also be assigned to groups that have already been set up (refer Groups tool page). Group assignments only have to be submitted by one member of the group and all members automatically receive the same mark in Grade Centre (this can be overridden).

Create assessment

  1. Open a Content Area (i.e. Assessment).
  2. Click on the Assessment button.
  3. Select Assignment from the drop down menu.

Assignment Information

  1. Enter the title of the assignment in the Name textbox.
  2. Select a font colour for the title from the Colour picker.
  3. Enter instructions for the assignment in the Instructions text editor box.

Tip: The title of the assignment should be the same as in the ECP (Electronic Course Profile).

Note: When you download the submitted assignments the following information will automatically be included in the file names:

  1. The assignment title (as entered in the Name textbox).
  2. The group’s name.
  3. The date and time the file was submitted.
  4. The original file name.

Tip: The following information should be included in the assignment instructions:

  • The number of files to be submitted and how they should be named.
  • The format of the files to be submitted. i.e. Word, PDF.
  • The number of assignment submission attempts available i.e. 1, 2, unlimited.
  • If students only have one assignment submission attempt, include advice on what to do if they make a mistake when submitting the assignment i.e. Email the assignment to the course coordinator and upload it again when they are given another attempt (refer Allow additional assignment upload attempts guide).
  • What to do if they have problems uploading their assignment. i.e. Email the assignment to the course coordinator, continue to try to upload the assignment until they are successful and contact AskIT for help if needed.
  • That late assignments may be submitted and that all assignments automatically have a time/date stamp of when they are submitted.
  • To upload the assignment using the Browse My Computer button.

Tip: For assignments where students need to upload multimedia assignments or links (i.e. links to TubeYou videos) change the instructions to:
To submit a link to your assignment click on the Write Submission button and click on the   (expand / collapse) icon to view the whole textbox editor.

Tip: The above instruction is important as students can submit the assignments without attaching a file.

Assignment files

  1. Click on the Browse My Computer button or drag and drop your files. 
  2. Open the required files.
  3. Repeat for any other files you need to attach.
  4. If you need to remove a file, click on the Mark for removal link.

Tip: You can use this function to attach the assignment question, instructions or resources to the assignment submission link.


  1. Either enter the mark the item is out of in the Points Possible textbox. 
  2. Optionally, to add a marking rubric, click on the Add Rubric button.

Warning: If the points possible is not the same as the total points on the rubric the rubric will convert to the points possible specified. I.e. if the rubric is out of 100 points and the points possible is 40 points this will change the value of the rubric to give a score of 40 points.

Note: Refer to the Rubric tool page for instructions on how to set up a rubric.

Submission Details

  1. Click on the Submission Details link.
  2. Select the Group Submission Assignment Type radio button.
  3. Select the required groups in the Items to Select box or click the Select All for all groups.
  4. Click on the right arrow button.

Note: Refer to the Groups tool page for instructions on how to set up groups.

  1. The groups will be displayed in the Selected Items list.

  1. Select the required Number of Attempts drop down and select one of the following:
  • Single attempt: Students only may submit the assignment once (they can upload multiple files). This option ensures you do not have to deal with multiple assignment versions from each student.
  • Multiple attempts: You can specify how many times students can submit the assignment. i.e. Specifying 2 will ensure you do not receive a large number of multiple versions of the assignment while still allowing groups to resubmit if they make a mistake with the original file submission.
  • Unlimited attempts: Students may submit multiple versions of the assignment.

Grading Options

Anonymous grading allows you to eliminate any grading bias by choosing to hide student names during the grading process.

  1. Select the Grading Options link.

Anonymous Grading

Student names are hidden during the marking process. You will need to specify when they are available again.

  1. Optionally, select the Enable Anonymous Grading check box.
    • Select when you want to automatically remove student’s anonymity.  Either on a specific date or after all submissions are graded.  
      • On specific date: Provide the date you want to disable anonymous grading. 

  1. After all submissions are graded:  Provide a due date.  After students submit attempts, the due date passes, and you have graded the attempts, student anonymity is disabled.

Note:  You can turn anonymous grading on and off (by selecting/deselecting the Enable Anonymous Grading checkbox) until a student submits an attempt.

  1.  Click the Submit button.

Delegated Grading

Warning: Due to known issues with the Delegated Grading feature it is recommended that it is NOT used.

Display of Grades

  1. Select the Display of Grades link.
  2. Select the drop down for Primary display. The Primary displays grades in both the Grade Centre and My Grades.
  3. Select the drop down for Secondary display.The Secondary display grades will only be displayed in the Grade Centre.
  4. The checkbox Include in Grade Centre grading calculations and Show to students in My Grades is automatically ticked.  Uncheck if necessary.


  1. If you do not want the assignment available to students, uncheck the make the Assignment Available checkbox.

Tip: Remember to make the assignment unavailable while you are marking so students cannot access their mark until the marking is complete.

  1. Limit Availability: Set this option if you need to restrict when students have access to submit the assignment or view the assignment (i.e. while you are marking).
    • If required, select the Display After checkbox and enter the date using the Date Selection Calendar and enter the time using the Time Selection Menu.
    • If required, select the Display Until checkbox and enter the date using the Date Selection Calendar and enter the time using the Time Selection Menu.

  1. Click the Submit button and the assignment will appear in the Assessment page as below.

Include the Column in Grade Centre Calculations

  1. From the Control Panel, select Grade Centre > Full Grade Centre.

grade centre and full grade centre

  1. Click on the grey arrow for the assignment columnyou just created.
  2. Select Edit Column Information from the drop-down menu.

arrow and edit column information

  1. Select Yes for Include this Column in Grade Centre Calculations.
  2. Click on the Submit button.

include column in grade centre calculations and submit