Video Guide

Create a Forum (Basic) (Youtube, 2m 32s)


Use forums to organise your discussion board into main topic areas i.e. A forum for assignment questions and a forum for tutorial reading responses. For a more detailed description of options refer to Create a Forum (marked).

Forum information

  1. From the Course menu select Discussion board.
  2. Click on the Create Forum button.

Enter instructions

  1. Enter an informative title for the forum in the Name textbox.
  2. Enter instructions for the forum in Description textbox.

Description textbox

Tip: If the forum is set up as Post first (Students need to create a thread in order to view other threads in the forum) include this information in the description.

Forum Availability

Tip: You may wish to limit the time a forum is visible to students. i.e. for an assignment specific forum.


  1. Select the required radio button.

Enter Date and Time Restrictions

  1. Use this option to restrict when the forum link is available to students:

Date and time restrictions

Forum Settings

Viewing Threads/Replies

  1. Select the required radio button:
    • Standard View: Students can enter and view all threads and replies.
    • Participants must create a thread in order to view other threads in this forum: Student will not be able to enter the discussion board until they post their own thread.

Note: Selecting Participants must a thread will by automatically select the other forum settings needed.

Forum settings


  1. Select the required radio button No Grading in Forum



Selecting subscribe, allows students the option to select to receive an email every time something is added to the forum / thread. If you select to also include the body of the post in the email, students will also receive the content posted.

  1. Select the Allow members to subscribe to forum radio button.
    • Select the Include body of post in the email radio button.


Create and Edit & Additional Options

  1. The below options are recommended:

Note: You may select not to allow students to create threads if you are setting up the forum so they only respond / ask questions by replying to a thread you have created (to improve navigation). Refer to Discussion Board Overview.

Additional options

  1. Click on the Submit button.