Video Guide

Discussion Board - Mark a forum (YouTube, 3m 29s)


You are able to mark any forum you create with results automatically being transferred to Grade Centre. To create a forum that can be marked, refer to the Create a forum (marked) guide. To edit the settings of an existing forum so it can be marked, refer to the Edit, copy and delete a forum guide.

Hide Grade Centre column

Before you start marking, hide the Grade Centre column from students so they cannot view their marks until you have finished marking. Refer to the Control the Release of Results guide for more information.

Access the Forum

  1. From the Course Menu, click on Discussion Board.
  2. Click on required forum link.

Discussion board link selected, forum selected

  1. Click on the Grade button for the required student.

Grade button selected

Grade without a rubric

  1. Enter the mark in the Grade textbox.
  2. Enter student feedback in the Feedback to Learner textbox.
  3. Optionally, click on Add Notes to enter information.

Note: This is not viewable by students.

  1. Optionally, click on the Spellcheck button to check for misspellings.
  2. Optionally, click on the Text Editor button to open the feedback section in the Text Editor. For more information, refer to the Overview of Text Editor Tools guide.
  3. Click on the Submit button.

Add notes, spellcheck and text editor button selected, marks entered, comments entered, submit button selected

Grade using a rubric

You are able to grade a forum using a rubric if you attach the rubric in the forum settings. For more information, refer to the Create a forum (marked) and Edit, copy and delete a forum guides.

    1. Click on the rubric link to open the rubric inline OR the rubric icon to open it in a separate window.

    rubric view

    Grade using the inline rubric

    1. Check the Show Descriptions checkbox to display criterion descriptors.
    2. Check the Show Feedback checkbox to display a feedback box per criteria.
    3. Select the required grade for each criteria.

    Show feedback

    1. The marks will be totalled automatically and shown as the Raw Total at the end of the screen.

    Warning: The Change the number of points out of X to textbox allows you to override the automatic total and enter another mark. If you use this option and then change marks in the criteria section, the mark will not automatically update.

    1. Enter student feedback in the Feedback textbox.
    2. Optionally, click the Text Editor button to enter feedback.
    3. Click on the Save Rubric button.

    marking and feedback

    1. Click on the Submit button. 

    Navigate between students

    1. Click on the down arrow button to view the list of students OR use the left/right arrow buttons to navigate to the next student.

    move to next student

    Grade Centre

    1. The marks will automatically be transferred to the corresponding column in Grade Centre.

    Note: For more instructions, refer to the Control the Release of Results guide.

    1. Students will then be able to view their marks and feedback through My Grades

    Grade centre and Full Grade Centre selected, column of marks selected