Group assignments:

  • One student submits the assignment for all the students in the group.
  • When the assignment is submitted an explanation mark icon is displayed in the Grade Centre column for all students in that group.

assignment grade centre column

  • You only have to mark one copy of each group assignment – all students in that group will receive the same feedback and marks. Refer to:
  • It is possible to override the marks (but not the feedback) to give different marks to different students in the group.

Override group marks

  • You must enter an overall group mark, even if you are giving each student separate marks (it will not submit otherwise).
  1. Click on the pencil icon of the student you need to award a different mark to.
  2. Enter the mark and click on the tick button.

put in grade

  1. When all the marks have been entered, click on the Submit button.

Note: The marks are automatically saved in the Grade Centre column and the next group’s assignment will be opened.