What is adaptive release?

Adaptive release allows you to release course content and activities based on rules that you determine. Rules can be created for individuals or groups based on criteria related to date, time, assessment scores or attempts, and the review status of other items in the course.

Why would I use adaptive release?

By using adaptive release you can control what content is made available to which students and under what conditions they are allowed to see it. For example, you could:

  • Allow only particular students access to a copy of an online exam with an extra time allocation.
  • Check an online test by restricting access to a preview user (i.e. lastname_PreviewUser) and then complete the test as a student using the Student Preview tool.
  • Share different materials with groups of students working on different projects.
  • Allow students to review a particular resource or folder of material only after they have attained a minimum score on a test.

Other considerations

The recommended method of restricting access to content and tools according to time/date requirements is to use the relevant Options section.

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