What is Learning Pathway?

The Learning Pathway is a navigational interface in Blackboard course sites that provides students with a clear visual roadmap through their course to help them stay on track.

It is being piloted in selected courses in Semester 2, 2022 and will be available to all UQ courses from Semester 1, 2023.

Why would I use Learning Pathway?

Learning Pathway is a study guide for students with your recommendations on how they should work through the course.  It serves as a scaffold to make the concepts and curriculum of a course transparent for students by organising resources and tasks in a way that learners can "see" a pathway to achieve the learning objectives.  Complex learning and sequences (e.g. podcast, online formative quiz, on-campus laboratory workshop then online summative quiz) are broken down into manageable steps and just-in-time access to resources and support materials.

The Learning Pathway can provide information to students about their course in 2 ways.  It is a visual roadmap that signposts for students what they “need to know” and “what they need to do” either on a week-by-week or concept-by-concept basis.   It provides students with a personalised version of their path through the course and students can mark items as complete.  

Student view of Learning Pathway:

Note: do not use the Student Preview tool. Please refer to the Preview and Set Learning Pathway as the Homepage guide.