What is Guest Access?

Guest Access allows any member of the UQ community (who has a UQ login) to access certain materials in any UQ course. Materials that can be viewed by default are Announcements, ECP (Electronic Course Profile), Learning Resources and the Course library link (set by the Library to only be viewable by enrolled UQ students). Guest Access is available under UQ Policy 3.80.02.

Why did Teaching and Learning initiate the Guest Access Initiative?

  • The committee would like to encourage more open educational resources within UQ to promote a culture of sharing resources and practices that help facilitate change and innovation in education.
  • They would like students to have the opportunity to see the context of their learning and the program in which they're enrolled. Previously, students could only view what they were currently enrolled in that term. Now they'll see what they are going to encounter going forward.
  • The 'closed book test' isn't the way that real-world problems are solved in the workplace. Similarly, our learning systems should, to the extent feasible, try to represent this reality. Opening up access to courses across the UQ community takes a step in that direction.
  • Academic staff can better inform themselves on the contents of the courses which lead up to their own.

Assessment Material

Course instructors should ensure that assessment material is placed in the Assessment area and is not available to guests through the Learning Resources area.

eLearning Adviser Consultations (via Zoom)

The eLearning Adviser Consultations offers one-on-one consultations to course teaching staff on adopting UQ eLearning technologies.

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