What is Facebook?

Facebook is a social networking website that allows registered users to create profiles, upload photos and videos, send messages and keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues.

Why would I use Facebook?

Facebook can be use to support educational activities that involve interaction, collaboration, information and resource sharing. Depending the learning activity you can set up groups to restrict participation to course members or pages/groups to open up interaction to the Facebook community. ITS support staff in creating groups for teaching and learning activities using the Groups for Schools options.

Other Considerations

Other tools you should consider as well as a Facebook are:

Social tools: The Social Learning tools (which are part of My Blackboard ) include your Profile, People tool, Message tool and Spaces tool.;

Discussion Board: A discussion board can be used for short questions and answer style collaboration between students.

Blog: A blog is an online journal that can include links to resources, multimedia as well as text in it's entries. Each student's blog can be viewed by other course members and commented on.

Journal: A journal is a private blog for communication between the teaching staff and individual students (or groups). Journals can not be seen or commented on by other students (or other groups) in the course.

Wiki: A wiki is a collaborative space where students can add and edit content, which is usually used for group projects.

Before using any cloud based tool for the instruction of UQ students please consider this checklist of policy implications for cloud based teaching tools. You also required to meet the Minimum Presence policy.

Note that Facebook is not centrally support by ITS.

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