This guides describes the process of creating and running The Chase, a synchronous activity during lectures/tutorials to foster student engagement and check students' comprehension of the topics covered earlier.

The Chase allows you to paste in existing H5P content or create a variety of new content types. Similar to Kahoot!, your students will be competing in real-time. Authors may add music, change themes, and present a live leaderboard while the students are competing. 

1. Create the Chase activity

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the + Add Content button. 

  1. In the search bar, enter "Chase" and click on the The Chase line that will appear.

  1. Decide what mode of the game you require:
  • The Chase - students answer all the questions live at their own pace.
  • Page by page - the game is paused after every page with the instructor controlling when to move onwards (one page may have one or more questions).
  • Self-paced - students can complete it in their own time (recommended for the students who might have missed the lecture/tutorial).
  1. Enter a title (e.g. ABCD1234 Week 1 Chase) in the Title textbox (naming convention: course code + meaningful title).
  2. Optionally, enter custom instructions for the students in the Task description textbox.

  1. From the Content drop down list, select the type of question you would like to create. For instructions refer to H5P content types guide.

  1. To add more questions to the same page (in case you chose the Chase mode), click on the Add content button.

  1. To add another page (in case you chose the page-by-page mode), click on the ADD PAGE button.

  1. In case you run The Chase in page-by-page mode, enter a timer for each page in M:SS format.
    Tip: If the question/s are easy, the time limit should be shorter.