This guide categorises the different H5P content types based on their educational purpose and indicates whether universal design considerations are required by using the following keys:

* Visual universal design considerations required

# Physical universal design considerations required

Auditory universal design considerations required

" Speech universal design considerations required

    Sequence Content & Activities

    H5P content types to sequence content and activities:

    • Accordion - Create vertically stacked expandable items
    • Column - H5P content into a column layout
    • Course Presentation - Create a presentation with interactive slides
    • Interactive Book - Create small courses, books and tests
    • Quiz (Question Set) - Create a sequence of various question types
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    Create Rich Content

    H5P content types to create rich content:

    • Chart - Quickly generate bar and pie charts *
    • Collage - Create a collage of multiple images *
    • Dialog Cards - Create text-based turning cards *^
    • iframe Embedder - Embed from a url or a set of files
    • Image Hotspots - Create an image with multiple info hotspots * 
    • Image Slider - Easily create an Image Slider
    • Timeline - Create a timeline of events with multimedia
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    Test Knowledge Retrieval

    H5P content types to test knowledge retrieval:

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    Test Comprehension

    H5P content types to test comprehension:

    • Audio - Create an audio recording
    • Dictation - Create a dictation with instant feedback ^
    • Guess the Answer - Create an image with a question and answer *
    • Mark the Words - Create a task where users highlight words
    • Speak the Words - Answer a question using your voice " (Chrome only)
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    Test Analysis

    H5P content types to test analysis:

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    Test Knowledge Utilisation

    H5P content types to test knowledge utilisation:

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