This guide categorises the different H5P content types based on their educational purpose and indicates whether universal design considerations are required by using the following keys:

* Visual universal design considerations required

# Physical universal design considerations required

Auditory universal design considerations required

" Speech universal design considerations required

The H5P content types where completion can be tracked through Grade Centre by linking the H5P object and enabling evaluation is indicated by (GC)

    Sequence Content & Activities

    H5P content types to sequence content and activities:

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    Create Rich Content

    H5P content types to create rich content:

    • Chart - Quickly generate bar and pie charts
    • Collage - Create a collage of multiple images *
    • Dialog Cards - Create text-based turning cards *^
    • iframe Embedder - Embed from a url or a set of files
    • Image Hotspots - Create an image with multiple info hotspots * 
    • Image Slider - Easily create an Image Slider
    • Timeline - Create a timeline of events with multimedia
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    Test Knowledge Retrieval

    H5P content types to test knowledge retrieval:

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    Test Comprehension

    H5P content types to test comprehension:

    • Audio - Upload an audio recording
    • Audio Recorder - Create an audio recording in response to a prompt 
    • Dictation - Create a dictation with instant feedback ^ (GC)
    • Guess the Answer - Create an image with a question and answer *
    • Mark the Words - Create a task where users highlight words (GC)
    • Speak the Words - Answer a question using your voice " (Chrome only) (GC)
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    Test Analysis

    H5P content types to test analysis:

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    Test Knowledge Utilisation

    H5P content types to test knowledge utilisation:

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