What is Group Peer Assessment?

When students evaluate individual contributions of group members to a group project.

Why would I use the Group Peer Assessment tool?

The Group Peer Assessment tool allows you to collects student responses on the contribution of individual group members, calculate averages scores (Likert option), PAFs (Peer Assessment Factors) and SAPAs (Self-Assessment over Peer Assessment). The tool also allows you to view collated responses and facilitate moderation of results.

You can use the Group peer assessment tool formatively to identify dysfunctional groups to allow you to put appropriate support strategies in place. Summatively the tool can be used to generate a mark based on students' individual contributions to a group assignment (Likert option). The tool can also be used to calculate a Peer Assessment Factor (PAF) that can be applied to group marks to generate and adjusted mark for each student (PAF option). 

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