What is Course Availablity?

By default Blackboard courses are originally setup so they are not available to students. This allows you to prepare your course for the semester before students can view it. 

When does my Course have to be Available?

Learn.UQ (Blackboard) course sites and Electronic Course Profiles (ECPs) now need to be available to students at least one week before the first teaching activity. Blackboard course sites need to contain at least a welcome message at that point. Remaining online course requirements should be met by the time of the first teaching activity. For more information, please refer to the policies on course profiles and minimum course presence.

Warning: Blackboard course sites must remain available to students for 12 months following the completion of the course teaching period.

eLearning Adviser Consultations (via Zoom)

The eLearning Adviser Consultations offers one-on-one consultations to course teaching staff on adopting UQ eLearning technologies.

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