What is edX (Edge)?

UQ is a charter member of edX, a non-profit online learning platform. UQ has a growing catalogue of public MOOCs and programs on edx.org. Edge (edge.edx.org) is an instance of this platform reserved for edX member’s on-campus use. UQ uses Edge for the high quality online learning modules of many on-campus courses across many coursework degree programs.

Why would I use edX (Edge)?

The edge.edX platform can be used by academics to achieve a more interactive online learning experience. It allows you to build learning sequences (consisting of content and formative activities) that support deeper learning. It also provides access to learning analytics that can inform your course design.

eLearning Solutions Service (via Zoom)

The eLearning Solutions Service offers one-on-one consultations to course teaching staff on adopting UQ eLearning technologies.

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