Warning: Prior to adding or editing content in your course you will need to access Studio view. Refer to the Change from Student View to Staff Editing (Studio) View guide for further instructions. 

You can add video components to your LearnX course using either YouTube or Kaltura content.

1. YouTube

Adding a YouTube video to a Unit

  1. In your unit, click on the Video button.

video button selected

  1. Click on Edit.

Note: By default, edX – How It Works appears as the YouTube video.

edit selected

  1. Enter the name of your video in the Component Display Name textbox.
  2. Enter the YouTube video URL in the Default Video URL textbox. e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ

Note: By default, the edX – How It Works YouTube URL appears.

  1. In Default Timed Transcript, if LearnX has a timed transcript video, the Timed Transcript Found text will appear. If it does not, you may need to click on the Upload New Transcript button and upload an .srt file. Alternatively, ensure your video has captions by consulting the Add your own subtitles & closed captions guide.

Note: It is recommended you add transcripts to your video via YouTube’s Video Manager as that video can later be shared on other websites such as Learn.UQ (Blackboard).

component display textbox, default video url textbox selected, default timed transcript section selected

  1. Click on Advanced.

advanced selected

  1. Select True from the Download Transcript Allowed drop-down menu.

true option selected from download transcript allowed drop-down list

  1. Optionally, in Upload Handout, select Upload and search your hard drive for a handout to provide as an additional resource.

upload button selected

  1. Click on the Save button.

save button selected

Editing a YouTube video link in an existing Unit

  1. In your unit, search for the existing Video Component and click on Edit.

edit button selected

  1. Follow Steps 3 to 9 in Adding a YouTube video to a Unit to configure settings.

Delete a Video Component

  1. In your unit, search for the existing Video Component then click on the bin icon.

bin icon selected

  1. Click on the Yes, delete this component button.

yes, delete this component button selected