What is a Lecture Recording?

Teaching spaces across UQ's campuses are fitted with equipment to record lectures. All lectures taking place in equipped venues are automatically recorded based on the timetable. Recordings include audio and screen content presented at the lecture. The rooms with recording capability include all centrally controlled teaching spaces with a capacity above 20 students. 

What activities are recorded?

Course coordinators are required to make full lecture recordings available to students within about 48 hours of the lecture, and keep them available for the duration of the semester and exam period, unless the Dean has given explicit permission before the start of the semester for exemption from recording. The Dean's approval must be visible to the student in the Electronic Course Profile. The UQ policy and procedure on lecture recording are available online. 

  • Only recurring activities which are specified in the timetable as a lecture. i.e. Not tutorials or seminars.
  • If a lecture is repeated (i.e. large classes) only the first lecture is recorded.
  • If additional recording sessions are required, please contact your timetable coordinator who can flag your session to be recorded.

Why would I use a Lecture Recording?

With lecture recordings, students can access lecture recordings over the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at their own convenience. Lecture recordings are extremely popular with students, and particularly helpful for revision.

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